Welcome to The Eliza DoLittle Society!

Help make hunger history in Bermuda and make a difference in someone’s life.

There is a definite problem in Bermuda. Along with more people being unemployed and increasing cost of living, there is a growing trend of people who have jobs but are finding they cannot make ends meet.

The focus of the Eliza DoLittle Society is to help and serve anyone in Bermuda who is food insecure and/or hungry, not just the homeless. We aim to help those in need not just with a simple hand out but with a hand up. While our goal is mostly to offer food we strive to assist those in need in any way we can.

Working with other food aid providers we hope to better and more efficiently meet the food needs of Bermuda’s Hungry and distribute food to feeding centres who request it.

Have a look around, find out how you or your company can help!